Learn How To Overcome Your ADHD!

Learn the skills to start on all those things you know you CAN do, but for some reason you can't.

You have ADHD! These struggles are normal. Managing ADHD requires specific skills. I'll show you!

If you are constantly struggling to get started on simple tasks and big goals;

if you get overwhelmed by all the things you have to do and find it hard to make choices;

if you have multiple unfinished projects...then you are in the right place! I can help!

In this unique, self-paced program you will learn how to overcome your ADHD hurdles so you can actually accomplish these tasks on your own.

With these easy-to-adopt, ADHD-specific skills, you can get started on-and finish-anything and ultimately experience a huge increase in productivity, self-confidence, and motivation.

Receive the tools you need to be your own coach!

In this program, you will easily conquer these three major ADHD hurdles:

Task Paralysis

When there are too many things to choose from, everything seems important, and it all swirls inside your head creating anxiety. There is a way out of that...I'll show you.

Lack of Motivation

When you don't have the dopamine to get started on tasks, you need to rely on ADHD-specific strategies to move you forward. You'll learn how to nudge yourself into action.

Finishing what you start

Through this program, you will have the tools to finish what you start, and will experience its game-changing effects on your self-confidence and motivation.


Russ Jones is one of the funniest and most impactful people I've ever met. He has helped me progress further toward achieving my goal of writing a book then I have achieved in the past ten years!



I absolutely love what you have done for adult ADHD and I wanted to say thank you.  You've made me feel less alone and more important, you've given me MOTIVATION.



The ADHD Big Brother Course was great! All of Russ’s tips and techniques are easy to learn and can easily be incorporated into my daily life. He has helped me to finally have an ordered house, something that has eluded me for 50 years. Thanks Russ!



Does this resonate?


You can't get started on chores or tasks

There are always chores to do, and things seem to pile up because you lack the motivation to get started on them. You know HOW to do them, you don't lack the skills to do them...but you feel lazy and beat yourself up because for some reason you can't move forward...as a result, you feel like you are letting yourself down as well as the ones you love.


There are too many things to do and you can't decide

Your life is filled with 'things' to do. And yet you pace from room to room not knowing which is the right thing to work on. It swirls in your head and ultimately it is so overwhelming or depressing that you do nothing instead or you choose the escape and avoidance routes of scrolling social media, video games, etc. You are paralyzed.


You have unfinished projects and goals

While you were once excited about your goals and you have projects that were once everything to you...now you have forgotten what you were working on, or you have lost the juice to keep pursuing your goals. What you are left with are negative reminders any time the goal or project pops back into your brain. To you, it's yet another failed attempt, and you feel depressed.

If you said “that's me” to any of the above, then you’re in the right place!

It's time to turn that around, the easy way!

You can do this!

Imagine a world where you can easily decide where to put your time; a life where you get started with ease on the things that matter most to you; a life where you can confidently say "I have my sh*t together!"

Like you, I have ADHD. If I can learn to successfully manage my life,

then I believe you can, too. I'll give you the tools I've learned from my ADHD coaching education as well as my training as an integrative wellness coach...these tools and strategies will change your life!

Program Includes

  • 18 binge-able video lessons

  • 14 daily nudges

  • printable worksheets

  • Before and after forms

  • ebook

  • 15 day money-back guarantee

Sample video from the program


Learn the skills to manage your ADHD life and experience the huge increase in productivity, self-confidence, and MOTIVATION!

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